London in Snow

IncredibleNotes decided to take a tour around London while it was snowing. A very special guest is featured in this, but due to reasons explained in the video, we could not get enough footage, and therefore, this is the short vid that we were still able to make. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: We do not own any of the music in the video

Music tracks:
1. Paul Kalbrenner – Azure
2. Phantom of the Opera – Main theme
3. Gramatik – A Bright Day
4. The Beatles – Yesterday

Dear faithful (hopefully) readers,

We are tired of apologising about our ‘disappearance’ and giving the reasons behind it. Let’s just skip that part.

Basically, we went a bit mental during this past week. (Thank you for leaving us alone, RFGF, thank you…)

As a result, we reveal to you the perks of being a hermit at Manor House throughout the Christmas period.

Enjoy and stay tuned.

Lots of mental love,
Guoda and MG


How are you? I know, I know, summer is gone, nights are cold… Probably not so well.

Okay, last time we promised to write more often — now we promise that we will not promise that kind of things again. It never works.

So, a lot of cool and not cool stuff (ok, we’re lying, we cannot think of anything uncool) happened this summer. Giedrė enjoyed the company of her besties before leaving for London, and Guoda… well, Guoda migrated from one city to another but did the same thing. More or less.

Some time ago we remembered good old times, and watched the film about our trip to the Mighty London. It sincerely was so much fun.

Here are some flashbacks for you:

GG with Tower Bridge

GG with Tower Bridge

GG in Waterlow park

GG in Waterlow park

GG with Big Ben

GG with Big Ben

GG with Buckingham palace

GG with Buckingham palace

GG with London'z Eye

GG with London'z Eye

aaand GG with Sherlock Holmes!

aaand GG with Sherlock Holmes!

London looks great, doesn’t it? It does, it really does. And so after watching the film we became even more excited about the 17th of September! Becauuuuse…….


And so both Guoda and Giedrė are leaving for London in the late evening of 17 September.


So this is the story. A very cool one… Hope you are happy for us too (well, you should be, because now you are always welcome to visit us!).

Enjoy the last days of good weather!

That’s all for this time,

Bisous bisous!

Guoda and Giedrė


Our dearest readers,

Just as I did last year, I must remind you once again that the 31st of July is one of the most important days in the year, apart from the 6th of August (Wiggle Your Toes day) and the 26th of March (Make up your own Holiday day)

It is the birthday of the co-creator of this blog, and one of the most awesome people walking on Earth! So everyone, lets sing a happy birthday for our very own GUODA!!!

I myself will add that you, Guoda, were the person, who made these two last years bearable and enjoyable even during those moments, when I saw nothing but black colours around! I thank for everything  – for the crazy laughs between (and during) lessons, for the spontanious, ”little” meals  in Mac, for the enormous amounts of coffee, and our morning walks to Lukoil, for the nights when the most bizarre things would happen (the butterfly on the keyboard, you remember?), and the most bizarre ideas would be born (this blog included) . For the sincere momentsof silence, when we knew that each of us is not in the mood. Most importantly – I thank you for the Mighty trip to London, which still remains one of the best weeks in my humble life, and for this blog, which always was such an amazing way to express our extraordinary thoughts. I wish you to have the biggest party in your life today, and I am thoroughly sorry that I can not attend… Let’s raise a hearty cup, my dear, for the moments that happened, and definitely will happen between the two of us!


P.S. For those who are interested – the holidays that I mentioned in this post were not made up by me. Google them, one wouldn’t believe the amount of the strangest holidays that the mankind has invented!

With lots of love,

Heya there!

Those of you, who wanted to enjoy our mighty trip to London, and wondered, why on Earth we do not post anymore videos – well, here is the end of your wonderings!
You should add our vimeo account to your favorites list, though. (FrigginYoutubeWithItsStupidAudioDisablingAndCopyright…)

And that would be it!
Guoda and MG:)

Hi guys!

Here we are again. Sorry for our five-month break. Honestly, we didn’t have what to post, our lives were absolutely enslaved by IB. Here is a short review what happened during these months:

  •  We had a 100day party on 25th February.
  • We had a mock exam session from 28th February till 10th March.
  • Guoda went to Scotland (10-17 March)
  • Guoda came back from Scotland, met with Giedrė and had a hard night at Baltupiai Club with ‘Bezpachmelnaja’ vodka and tea.
  • In the beginning of May our final exam session started.
  • On 23rd May finished.
  • Since then we have been partying.
  • In June Guoda went to Russia, Giedrė went to the seaside.
  • In the end of June, Guoda went to France, and just came back from there.
  • Giedrė got into university. Guoda didn’t.
And that’s it. Yeah, we could have mentioned all the awesome parties we had with all the funny details but ehh… It’s 3 a.m. afterall.
And since we have a lot of free time, we’ll do our best to write more often.
Ok, so there is something very important we have to talk about. July 13 is going to be very exciting but sad day for us all. The second part of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is about to be released – YAAY. However it’s also the end of the Potter films sequence, which is really really sad… We grew up with this awesome guy that all the children know.
Now we’re going to answer a very obvious question: why is Harry Potter so cool? Here’s a short list.
  1. He’s the Chosen one.
  2. His (Harry’s, not  the actor’s) birthday is on the same day as Guoda’s (July 31st).
  3. He does cool stuff with the little stick in his hand. Ok,ok, we’re joking, we know it’s a waaaaand! :

    see? he made an umbrella!

    4. Because if you like HP, you have a shitload of reading and movie-watching to do!

  4. See? they like him too!

    5. He is a friend of a group of gingers (no offence orange ones, you still have souls).

    6. Sometimes he’s just as crazy as we all normal people are:
     7. Harry Potter has the best demotivational posters:

    Sorry again, gingers!

    8. No, seriously, Harry Potter is just awesome on the whole, and there’s nothing you can do about it. Even Voldie couldn’t get rid of the kid, so can we just all peacefully agree that he’s completely and utterly awesome? Deal!

    And that will be it for our post today, our most loyal readers! (We still can’t understand, who visits this blog each day, even when we ourselves haven’t been here for around four-five months!)

    Guoda and Giedrė


It’s us again, and we’re at McDonald’s. AGAIN.

We revived the tradition of Sushi’s @ Akropolis, and as we had some spare time, iPhoto saved us from sheer boredom:



Have fun, people! Just as we do! (you might want to do something more creative than iPhoto, but still – enjoy every spare minute;D)

Guoda and MG

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